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The Coffee Table Book of Rejected Coffee Table Books

product_thumbnail_coffeetableA book of rejected book ideas. Author Athol Birtley submitted a new coffee table book proposal to publishers every fortnight for twelve months. All were rejected. He then submitted a coffee table book proposal for a compilation of rejected coffee table books. That too was rejected. But thanks to vanity publishing and the internet, his work is now available for the public to officially ignore.

From "Alternative Uses for Alternative Medicine" to "Voodoos and Voodon'ts", there is something in here for everyone. Unless of course there isn't, as over 200 publishing industry representatives have considered these pages and decided they are not worth printing.

Note: Unlike the Seinfeld episode, this book does not transform into a table.


30 Uses For The Number 30

product_thumbnail_30Turning 30 can be confusing and scary. One day you’re happily scooting along in your 20s, the next you’ve got an unfamiliar ‘3’ at the start of your age, a ‘0’ you haven’t seen in years, and no idea what to do with either of them.

This book contains 30 playful uses for the number 30, ranging from the mathematical to the metaphysical. It gives comfort that 30 is not all bad, and inspiration that the best may be yet to come. Illustrated throughout in Birtley’s delightful style, this unlikely treasure provides intelligent and optimistic musings on one of life’s big milestones.

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