Under Construction Policy

If you are a regular visitor to ThermoCow, you may have noticed that the content sometimes changes - new articles are posted, new videos are featured, and so on.

You may find this confusing, as we do not display any 'under construction' wording or animated gif. Without an animated gif, it would be entirely forgivable to think that ThermoCow is a finished website. Why then, does it seem to change from visit to visit?

In fact, the ThermoCow editors have elected to not display the 'under construction' graphic, as in one sense, no website is ever truly finished - they are all under construction. To draw attention to this fact necessarily draws attention away from the site's content, which is what visitors are here to see.

The editors are well aware that many other websites continue to display an 'under construction' image, but consider that in the internet of the future, web-surfers will have advanced in their internet fluency to the point where animated gifs are no longer required. In the meantime, we apologise for any temporary confusion or inconvenience this decision may cause.