Adorable Video of Girl and her Boyfriend goes Viral (You won't believe what they did!)

A video of an 18 year old Russian girl and her boyfriend has gone viral, racking up more than 1 million hits on popular porn websites.

The video begins with the girl reading what appears to be a chemistry textbook, before an unnamed man, believed to be her boyfriend, enters the room. They proceed to engage in heartwarming oral and vaginal intercourse, before the man upliftingly ejaculates on her face.

The video has stirred viewers’ hearts the world over, with daddyjizz69 saying “bitch be fine” and smut_smurf saying “i liek 2 ride dat”. On internet website FapDoctor, the video has an overall rating of 87%, ranking behind only “vicious blonde milf interracial XXX” this week.

But not everyone seems to be pleased. Local law enforcement officer Natasha Sawyer says the video “appears to have been made and distributed without the woman’s consent”, which apparently would “breach several laws”.

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