APH SuperCabinet

For years you’ve watched in envy as sport-lovers everywhere bonded over SuperCoach and DreamTeam. You’ve seen their love of a game descend into an obsession with irrelevant statistics. And you’ve wanted to give your own, more cerebral interests, the same reductive treatment.

Enter APH SuperCabinet,


How do I choose my SuperCabinet?

In APH SuperCabinet, you build your dream cabinet of 10 “effective” MPs from across the political spectrum. Your cabinet may include up to three women and one non-caucasian.

SuperCabinet politicians are assigned a notional ‘salary’ based on their average SuperCabinet score. This differs from real life, where politicians’ salaries and effectiveness are unconnected. Your total salary cannot exceed your Budget (unless you unlock the ‘Kickback’ achievement).

How is my cabinet scored?

Like the real political system, APH SuperCabinet rewards point-scoring, not results. Each week, politicians are awarded one point for every real-life political point they score. Bonuses and penalties will also be awarded as follows:

  • +3 points for deferring to the party line
  • +5 points for wittily seizing upon an opponent’s gaffe with a newsworthy jibe
  • +10 points for ‘solving’ a complex policy issue with a three word catchphrase
  • –3 points for contradicting a previous position on an issue, regardless of the circumstances
  • –5 points for being interviewed by Leigh Sales

Your PM scores double, but must be replaced at least every 12 months.

How do I win?

First, enter your cabinet in an APH SuperCabinet Democracy with your friends. (Note: as per the real political system, there is a maximum of two teams per Democracy.)

Your cabinets will accumulate points throughout the week, and if you outscore your opponent, you win that week’s ‘poll’. One poll in every four years (an ‘election’) decides the overall winner.

Is APH SuperCabinet fun?

Of course! In addition to the thrill of making up to two changes to your cabinet each week, you will find yourself tuning in to Question Time and Q&A in the hope of witnessing facile deflections and solution-free rhetoric! You will rarely be disappointed.