ThermoCow is always keen to publish funny content, even funny content written by you. If you have spent some time looking around our site and have a pitch or unpublished draft for a comedy piece that you think would suit us, read on.

You can get a good picture of our preferred forms and content from the categories on the site. We accept written pieces and images with a substantial written component (such as infographics), and are open to new ideas.

We like:

  • quirky, observational humour
  • victimless humour
  • humour with deserving victims
  • intelligent or pseudo-intelligent humour.

We try to avoid:

  • topical pieces (e.g. comedy about a news item that everyone will stop caring about in a week)
  • jokes that an Australian audience won't get
  • mean or hateful pieces
  • humorous listicles,

unless they are very, very funny.

As a growing site, we can't pay you for your submission. What we can offer you is a modest but faithful audience, thoughtful and personal editorial feedback, and a genuine shot at going viral.

If you are interested, please submit pitches, drafts or questions to