How to make money in FX trading

Over the past eight years, I’ve built my FX trading business to the point where I’m making thousands of dollars every day. I own three houses, four helicopters, and five archipelagoes. I’ve had dinner with actors and politicians, and beautiful people line up outside my door just so I can reject them.

But ten years ago, I was Just. Like. You.

I looked pathetic, just like you look. I wore shabby clothes, just like you wear. I even worked in the same crappy job that you’re working now, just like you are. Then I had a realisation: I didn’t have to be a loser. Sure, FX trading sounded like something best left to "the professionals", and I knew that outsiders like you an me - underdogs - had gone bankrupt trying to succeed.

But I persevered.

And over time, I uncovered a bounty of insider secrets that have provided me with almost unlimited success in the world of international finance.

Now, I’m sharing those secrets with you.

Why? Because I remember what it’s like to be at the bottom. Because I wish someone had told me these secrets when I was in your position. Because all the trial and error, all the mistakes - all the work - could have been avoided, if only I’d known what I know now.

Are you ready?

  1. Get informed. Did you know that FX stands for Foreign Exchange? All successful FX traders know this, along with the meanings of other terms, such as spot, swap, forward, and option. I don't blame you for not knowing, because they don’t want you to know.
  2. Look the part. Successful FX traders can spot each other instantly in a crowded cocktail party full of models and celebrities and expensive champagne. Why? Because there is a secret dress code no one will tell you about. Learn it, follow it. Success will come.
  3. Eliminate negativity. Throughout human history, every successful business began as a risky venture. There will be people in your life who try to talk you out of FX trading, saying “it’s too unpredictable”, or “it’s manipulated by the big financial institutions”, or “reading one satirical article on a comedy website doesn’t make you an FX trader.” These people want success, but they won't reach for it - and they don’t want you to reach, either. Eliminate them from your life, or you'll never move forward.
  4. Spend money to make money. If you aren’t willing to pay $99 to ensure financial security for you and your family, what’s wrong with you? There's a time in everyone’s life when opportunity comes knocking. For you, that time is now. Answer the door.
  5. Learn from the best. My self-published PDF eBook modules normally retail for $499.95, but for this month ONLY I have negotiated a deal with my publisher to give you access for just $99. Send your credit card details to, and we'll do the rest.

Things you'll need: dreams of wealth, general laziness, credit card. Oh, and if someone from the bank calls and says there have been unusual transactions on your account, tell them to mind their own business. They're probably jealous of all the money you're making in FX trading.