When is the Best Time to Play Test Cricket?

Day/Night test cricket isn’t the only change being contemplated by the ICC. With test nations salivating over lucrative foreign TV rights, could we be seeing Night/Day test matches, or even All Nighters? ThermoCow gives you the facts on these potential new developments.

Daytime Test Match

✅ No need for artificial lighting*
✅ Pleasant temperature**
✅ Accessible***
✅ Tradition!
❌ Been done

Day/Night Test Match

✅ Cool looking pink ball
✅ Dramatic sunsets
❌ No cricinfo commentary to get you through work in the morning
❓ No “luncheon break”

Nighttime Test Match

❌ Cold
❌ Sleepy players
✅ Public transport less crowded
❌ No cricinfo commentary during work hours at all
✅ Better TV than Home Shopping Network / Loveboat re-runs

Night/Day Test Match

✅ Good for early risers
✅ Can come straight to the ground from a night out
✅ Dramatic sunrises
❌ Socially unacceptable to start drinking at 4am
✅ Players have all afternoon for other pursuits

* except in low light conditions
** except when it’s too hot or too cold
*** unless you have a job