How to Choose a Spring Outfit - Australian Federal Police edition

Hey there, police trendsetters!

Spring represents fun and rebirth, so it’s the ideal time to experiment with your individual style (subject to the AFP National Guideline on Uniform and Standards of Dress). Here’s your guide to this season’s police fashion!

Step One: Dress for your body shape. Use this visual guide to find out your shape - then work it!




‘Small’ Body Shape
Tip: Wear ‘small’ size uniform

‘Medium’ Body Shape
Tip: Wear ‘medium’ size uniform

‘Large’ Body Shape
Tip: Wear ‘large’ size uniform.

Step Two: Spring is a time for bright, playful colour combinations! Pair a blue shirt with blue trousers to make both colours pop.

Step Three: Now the fun part: shoes. They must be entirely black, leather, of a conservative business style, and lace-up with 3 to 4 pairs of lace holes. Express yourself!

Step Four: Accessorise! Accessories are an integral part of your signature style. A simple handgun in an approved holster looks perfect next to an approved baton in an approved baton pouch. Statement pieces like these not only say ‘Hey, world! This is me!’, they’ll keep you compliant with clause 16.2 of the AFP Commissioner’s Order on Operational Safety (CO3).

Have fun! Remember, police fashion has no absolute rules - you can break any of them with the Commissioner’s permission, which will generally be denied leaving you to face disciplinary action.

Fashion fun: Who wore it best?

It’s great to be on-trend, but nothing’s more embarrassing than when another officer copies your look at the same event. Constables Dan (left) and Kim found themselves in a fashion face-off at this crime scene! Who do you think wore it best?