45 Things We Learnt From This Leaked Suicide Squad Photograph

Suicide Squad Leaked Photo

1. Based on this impressive floodlight, the Suicide Squad set appears to have been professionally lit! Literally no expense has been spared.

2. This red thing symbolises all the concerns comic book fans have about Suicide Squad. Will every character get their chance to shine? This red thing represents the “I hope so” that we are all feeling.

3. Suicide Squad appears to be set in a world where getting helmet-hair isn’t a big deal, at least for this minor soldier character.

4. These upright locker/toilet structures are large enough to contain Magneto, meaning Magneto may be part of the squad. Ian McKellen is yet to confirm or deny this.

5. The pillars are an interesting story choice. Fans of comic books will recall seeing pillars in some of their beloved comic book stories.

6. Harley Quinn’s baseball bat clearly reads “GOOD NIGHT”, suggesting that at least part of Suicide Squad takes place at night.

7. The presence of a second upright locker/toilet means Suicide Squad features enough locker/toilet space to house a second Magneto, perhaps Michael Fassbender’s younger incarnation, or the Magneto of the 1980s animated X-Men series for some Song of the South-style hijinx.

8. A downpipe - could this mean Suicide Squad is set in a world where drainage is as important as love itself? Almost certainly.

9. This shot confirms that actor Joel Kinnaman (playing Rick Flag) will be using the same head he has used in previous films.

10. The architecture of this background building dates the setting of Suicide Squad at anywhere between 1922 and 2103.

11. This shot includes a window. Literally anything could be on the other side of it, about to burst through. What about you? Are you on the other side of the window? Think carefully.

12. What an intimidating character! Notice how nobody makes eye contact with this extra. He looks to have threatened everyone on set with the ol’ ’fist to the face’.

13. Look who’s not standing in this space: Jared Leto! Has he been fired from Suicide Squad? That seems like the only conclusion we can draw.

14. The costume designers for Suicide Squad have ripped the idea for a ‘military backpack’ off the real-life army. No imagination. Why not a chestpack? It doesn’t bode well!

15. You have to admit that this guy in the black baseball cap is shaped a little like Ted Danson. Could he be Ted Danson’s stunt double? If not, he should look into it.

16. This would be a perfect spot for a Nazi flag, so its absence suggests there will be no Nazis in Suicide Squad.

17. It is unlikely that this man in the white baseball cap lurking just out of shot will play a significant role in Suicide Squad, but if he does, let’s hope he keeps it family-friendly.

18. This soldier faces an unseen, tiny threat to the right of frame. Ant-Man????????

19. An assault rifle! Suicide Squad looks like it will contain intriguing gun violence.

20. Could this soldier be carrying the film’s McGuffin? Maybe everyone is looking for this blurry thing that looks like a canteen because it contains an elixir of youth! But what they’re really looking for is companionship.

21. Or is this Ant-Man?

22. This soldier has a regular knee joint bending in the correct direction. Could we see squatting, running, even kneeling from this soldier character? Theoretically, yes.

23. Or is this Ant-Man????

24. Is this a bedpan? Will Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag suffer from urge incontinence? Or does Kinnaman himself?

25. The symbol chalked on the ground has been partially obscured, but seems to include a curved line. That probably makes it the DC Comics symbol, meaning Suicide Squad will be a comic book film within a comic book film.

26. Director David Ayer has trusted this guy with some serious responsibility, and look at him! He’s missing it all up! Boy, when Director David Ayer finds out about this he will be so cross.

27. This African-American character could be Michael Lane (Azrael), a pre-mutilation Victor Stone (Cyborg), Lucas Fox (Prime Earth Batwing), John Stewart (Green Lantern), Duke Thomas (Future’s End Robin), Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning), Benjamin Turner (Bronze Tiger), Lucius Fox, Michael Holt (Mister Terrific), Eric Needham (Black Spider), William Walker (Black Racer), Mister Bones, Wally West (Flash), New Earth Daniel Brickwell, Prime Earth William Tockman, Malcolm Duncan (Guardian), Malcolm Tandy (Crowbar) or Black Vulcan. Wait, it’s probably Will Smith as Floyd Lawton (Deadshot). That’s embarrassing.

28. Even in this still photograph, that guy who could be Will Smith’s legs are visibly getting jiggy with something. Does this mean Will Smith, who only gets jiggy with his own music, has also composed the score? Yes.

29. It looks like director David Ayer is nodding off! I hope somebody woke him up, or he may still be sleeping out in the cold to this day.

30. Director David Ayer is wearing a collar of some kind. Could this mark a new, more collar-y direction for him as a film-maker?

31. This is probably a guy lying on the ground, but it could be a bag or something. It’s hard to see with arrow number 32 obscuring it.

32. We finally get to see Rick Flag’s costume in a grainy, poorly-lit photograph. It looks similar, but slightly grainer and darker, than the official cast photo released on May 3.

33. Harley Quinn’s gold bracelets could be a marketing tie-in. Will we be seeing Suicide Squad-branded jewellery in stores next season? Only if we buy jewellery, which is mostly for girls.

34. Margot Robbie’s toned figure tells us that Suicide Squad’s on-set catering team is making commendable nutritional choices.

35. The red light means the camera is shooting! Suicide Squad is really happening!

36. A parabolic mic dish means Suicide Squad must be a ‘talkie’. Zounds!

37. Karen Fukuhara is renowned for playing noisy steppers, so it’s not surprising to see Katana in big, noisy boots. If we’re lucky, we may see a Katana character arc where she goes from a regular noisy stepper to the noisiest stepper in all of Midway City.

38. Where there’s fire, there’s oxygen. Suicide Squad will be set in oxygen.

39. This rail is a movie thing used in the production of movies, confirming the cinematic nature of Suicide Squad.

40. Guess what the Japanese characters on Katana’s combat suit translate to? “Baby on Board”. Could Katana be pregnant?

41. This shadowy figure has been computer matched with the outline of renowned key grip Cody Johnson. Johnson is renowned for working only with DC Comics characters. This dispels earlier rumours that one or more Magnetos might appear in Suicide Squad.

42. Katana’s Japanese flag armband confirms suspicions that the katana-wielding character covered in other Japanese symbols and named “Katana” is, in fact, Japanese.

43. This white stick could be part of a mop. Could that mean an appearance by fan favourite Mop Man? Or is it just for cleaning the set? Or is it even a mop at all? Admittedly, some of this is just speculation.

44. Here’s another look at that sexy floodlight we revealed earlier in the article. You can bet they’re going to show this bad boy off in the DVD extras!

45. No idea what this is, but at least you’ve seen it here before you saw the movie. Cool, huh?