Brownlow Bingo


A full set of randomised bingo cards is available, which includes the following additional occurrences to watch out for:

  • Gary Ablett Jr cries after not winning the Brownlow
  • A player is seen using tinder
  • Blood rule!
  • The crowd groans after ineligible Richmond player Brett Deledio polls a vote. Brett has a laugh himself, regretting his on-field indiscretions but not worried too much given Nat Fyfe’s unassailable lead.
  • Todd Goldstein takes a drink, but misses his mouth and spills liquid all down his front
  • For the first time in history, the AFL awards a Woman’s Brownlow for the fairest and best female player in the AFL
  • Eddie Mcguire is spotted without his AO lapel pin
  • Hilltop Hoods perform a rousing cover of “Who’ll Take Charlie Home Tonight?”
  • Some prankster adds a question mark to Bruce Mcavaney’s teleprompter
  • The service of alcohol is suspended after an hour to comply with RSA requirements
  • You realise you’ve been watching A Touch Of Frost instead of the Brownlow count